Thursday, 23 February 2012

2012 US Election Campaign Logos – Who Will You Support?

Although I’m not a big fan of politics or any politician for that matter, but the 2012 US Elections for the presidency has intrigued me. Not because of the political drama involved, but due to the logo designs being used by candidates to endorse their campaign. The importance of an identity is clearly evident in all spheres of businesses, both commercial and non-profit. For incumbent President Barack Obama, a minor tweak was required for his re-election campaign logo, while for other contestants an entirely new identity was necessitated for their campaigns.
Nowadays, everything is regarded as a separate identity. Even a candidate standing in the elections for presidency is seen as an individual character with its own distinct identity and personality traits. In order to make an impression on potential voters, candidates must create a visual identity that truly depicts their campaign purpose and ideology.

• 2012 US Election Campaign Logos:

Here are the election campaign logos of the 5 leading candidates for the US presidency with a brief profile of each contestant.

1. Barrack Obama 2012 Election Campaign Logo

Name: Barrack Obama
Profile: Incumbent President of the United States
From: Illinois

2. Newt Gingrich 2012 Election Campaign Logo

Name: Newt Gingrich
Profile: Former U.S. Speaker of the House of Representatives
From: Georgia


The Effects of Redesigning your Business Logo

The power of logos lies in their ability to be recalled by a customer. Generally, consumers remember a brand due to its imagery existence, the taglines and services. This is why a logo design is considered to be the major cause behind a business success or failure.

A number of brand business logos become an instant hit and captivate the clientele. While for others, it may take decades to get itself familiarized with its clients. Even a minor alteration in Logo Design can generate a huge impact on brand equity. People who remember your goods or services via one logo may not recall them via a new logo. But at the same time, a perfect logo redesign can satisfy your potential customers. 

The Positive Impacts:

*Redesign of the logo will help improve the old logo design for a new look at your business.

The Negative Impacts:

*Business logo redesigning incurs significant cost.