Monday, 22 August 2011

Features of Successful Business Logos

Business logos are the cornerstone of effective brand identity. Many a times, a business logo is overlooked by businessmen and entrepreneurs alike. What they disregard is crucial in building strong credibility and standing of their business. For any business, the first impression is fundamental in determining the future course of the company.

While a business logo design, an important aspect must be kept in mind. Your business logo is not just a symbol or a visual sign; it is what represents the core identity of the organization and what it promises to deliver. Following are the important features of a successful business logo:

Simplicity and clarity:
The first trait of successful business logos is that they are simple and clear. This is because the customers can easily remember and recall your brand name if the logo is simple to comprehend. All great brands like McDonalds, FedEx and Pepsi have plain but effective logos.

Relevance and Consistency:
A business logo that is inconsistent with the business products range is ineffective. Great care must be made while designing business logos to include the values and principles of the organization. The logo must be relevant to what your business has to offer. Consistency is the key in effective brand recall.

Meaning and purpose:
Another trait of successful business logos is their comprehensive meaning and purpose to the organization. A meaningless logo serves no purpose for the business. Top brand logos all have a brand heritage and meaning attached to them that communicate what the company stands for. The meaning and purpose should be clearly displayed in the business logo so that customers can comprehend the company easily and respond accordingly.

Compatibility and cohesion:
Sometimes, a business logo looks good when designed on-screen, but does not perform correctly when used on print. The co-ordinates of a business logo must be set bearing all the marketing and promotional activities in mind. Your business logo must be compatible on all forms of print and outdoor media, as well as on-screen and online visibility.


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